Zubin Shroff

Yoga has always been part of Zubin’s life. Growing up between London and Mumbai, his first teacher was his grandfather, Rutton Shroff.  In Mumbai his family and their friends studied with B.S.K. Iyengar and when Zubin was 12 he learned from his mother as she began her own yoga practice.

Zubin passionately believes in making the practice of yoga accessible  to as wide a group of people as possible. Living in a world of great diversity, complexity and interdependence, and also great resistance to our changing world. Zubin is committed to supporting skilled, impassioned yoga teachers and mentors in all walks of life and across many experiences to help guide our communities, schools and workplaces toward greater understanding and compassion.

Supported by his personal practice and what it continues to teach him, Zubin believes that the right teachers are critical to developing a supportive yoga practice. Zubin completed an expansive training with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman, and studied with Mary Paffard and Richard Rosen. He also studied with Wataru Ohashi at the Ohashi Institute and is a certified in Ohashiatsu. Zubin continues to learn from and be inspired by his friends, collogues, students and teachers and gives great thanks to  Ericka Huggins, Richelle Donigan Kira Ryder, Ericka Phillips and Rodney Yee for their constant support and guidance.

As a photographer Zubin’s award winning images are known for their thoughtful attention to color and composition, and his approach to visually capturing the connection between subject and photographer.  This process of looking for connective essence is echoed in his teaching and practice of yoga.

As Director of Piedmont Yoga, Zubin oversees and informs the future direction of the studio. He teaches in the 200-Hr and 300-Hr teacher trainings and in the Intergative Yoga Therapy Teacher Trainings, as well as in Oakland public schools and in hospitals.

Zubin is the author of Conversations with Modern Yogis, a comprehensive collection of his interviews and portraits of yoga practitioners and teachers in North America, and The Cosmopolitans, a collection of portraits exploring the meaning of cultural identity.

Contact Zubin at zubin[at]piedmontyoga.com