Sunru is a multidimensional artist from the ancient future sent here now to shift realitys on earth…Sunru has created a system of journey designed to build energy and explore human potential weaving movement,breath,and sound to create a full workout…Sunru has travelled for the last 17 yrs cultivating and sharing his movement and sound with the world thru workshops,private sessions and performance art…A few years we had a nuclear disaster in Japan from the Tsunami caused by a earthquake that is threatening life on earth….Sunru discovered Dr.Emotos teachings on water and transforming the composition of water with thoughts…this led to a bridge wit the Dragon Body workout that is combination of many styles including yoga/tai chi/ChiQong/Mayan Yoga and many other influences absorbed over the years …so now im presenting these two streams of practice into the We Water Workshop thats designed to program our water and give us some tools for activating our potential during this awakening