(Dead Prez and RBG FIt Club)

“Khnum “Stic” Ibomu is an internationally acclaimed hip hop artist, known widely for his work on over 10 releases as an emcee and producer with the revolutionary hip hop duo dead prez, and also as a solo artist, producer, songwriter, author, publisher, martial art student, marathoner, holistic health advocate, CEO of Boss Up Inc and founder of the RBG FIT CLUB. – See more at:

Stic is also a proud father of one son and a husband of 20 yrs to holistic nutritionist and best selling author Afya Ibomu. Stic has released two solo albums Manhood and The Workout, written two books The Art of Emcee-ing and Warrior Names from Afrika, and produced an Original score for the PBS documentary Soul Food Junkies. Stic has also produced original music for major motion pictures such as Fast and the Furious, Project X and others, as well as the award winning HBO series Entourage and the theme song for Comedy Central’s Dave Chapelle Show. In addition, stic has produced and co-written for platinum selling albums for artists such as Erykah Badu, Nas and others. Stic has been consistently touring for over 10 years visiting Afrika, Cuba, UK, Europe, South America, and is actively touring year round currently. Stic has appeared in numerous major magazines and online publications. He has received the prestigious Lyrics of the Month and Lyrics of the Year Award from the Source Magazine. Stic is currently co-authoring a book with his wife on healthy relationships, writing and producing The Workout 2 while maintaining a disciplined schedule of daily meditation, weights and calisthenics, training, yoga, and running. Stic’s personal and professional brand is summarized succinctly with the RBG acronym: Reaching Bigger Goals. Stic is a native of florida, has lived a decade in Brooklyn and currently resides in Atlanta, Ga with his wife and aspiring electric guitarist-son, Itwela. – See more at: