Evelie Delfino Såles Posch

Evelie Delfino Såles Posch is a sacred song singer/writer; recording artist; drummer; dancer; Pranic and Certified Sound Healer and Therapist; choral director; storyteller; actress; music educator; independent scholar; and magical activist whose talents have flourished for over forty years, spanning the traditions of her ancestors and the progressive edge of ceremony, world music and dance.
She also performs with and directs Kismat-Mahal Kirtan Ensemble (KSME) which leads antiphonal world chanting and other devotional music; the Youth Choir of UUSF; and the Spiral Dance Chorus and Band for Reclaiming’s annual Samhain celebration; the Merry Minstrels (holiday music), Zingara (Brasilian jazz).
Evelie has been bringing her music and sound healing to assisted living, elder care, nursing homes, rehab centers and in the near future, to women’s prisons.
Recognized as a Babaylan (Filipino healer, seer, ceremonialist) by the “father of Philippine psychology “Dr. Virgilio “Ver” Enriquez, Evelie founded “Babaylan Emerging: Apprenticeship and Mentoring (BEAM) Program” which explores the indigenous spirituality of pre-colonial Philippines for today’s seekers.