Dr. Neferkare S. Khemre PhD, CCHT

Neferkare Stewart Khemre holds a doctorate degree in Child and Family Psychology from Vanderbilt University. She has 30 years of experience working in the field Child and Family Mental Health, Holistic Counseling and Wellness Education, with clinical expertise in trauma impact and trauma informed therapies. Dr Khemre has been trained in numerous holistic health and alternative healing approaches,including Reiki, Nidra Yoga, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Advanced Pranic Healing. Her work efforts emphasize the integration of Mind, Body and Spirit throughout the healing process.

Dr. Khemre is also the Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Wellbeing, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the cultivation and creative expression of educational programs and services which promote Peace and Wellbeing within the lives of children, families and service providers.

She founded The Center for Healing and Holistic Counseling Services, a private Wellness practice and Training institute in Northern California. The Institute is dedicated to the study and application of Wellness Science and Holistic Healing technology for the purpose of healing human Consciousness.

For more information about Dr Khemre and the Center For Healing, individual sessions, classes and/or workshops please feel free to contact her by phone at (925)-325-5574, P.O. Box 3082, Oakland, Ca. 94609, email: thecenterforhealing@gmail.com.