Chief Awodiran Okanlawon Ayinde Agboola

Chief Awodiran Okanlawon Ayinde Agboola is an elder from the Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. He comes from a family acclaimed to be one of the authorities on traditional institutions (Ifa). His father , Chief Akano Fasina Agboola was a highly regarded babalawo and was conferred with chieftaincy titles among which are Awise of Lagos, Araba of Lagos, Bobagúnwa of Ogere Rémo, and Máyégún of Osogbo. His mother Mojisola Olasinde Agboola was a daughter of the late Akino Fasina Agboola’s Ifa teacher )oluwo), Late Chief Aberefa Ogunjobi, who also became Araba of Ode Omu.

Chief Awodiran Okanlawon Ayinde Agboola is also an accomplished babalawó who was confired with titles of recognition of his contribution to the propagation of Ifá and traditional belief systems, his competence and versatility in Ifá practices. These traditional Chieftaincy titles in recognition of one’s service in African Traditional systems and are only awarded to people who have demonstrated a high degree of competence in Ifa Spiritual Practices. As a result, his responsibility to his community is full and generous. It was determined at birth that he would become a Babalawo, as his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him, hence the name Awodiran which means ”Ifa is Hereditary” .