Olin Yoga and Self-Limpias

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Olin Yoga and Self-Limpias
with Lilia Roman

Sunday May 21

1pm to 4pm

$20-$40 sliding scale

Join Beloved Bay Area Yogini Lilia Roman for a special workshop of Olin Yoga and Self-Limpias

Ollin Yoga and Self-Limpias

Movement with Intention
Exploring our connection with Mother Earth, Tonantzin and Father Sun, Tonatiuh through movement, breath, and ritual.
We’ll explore postures to energize, ground, release tension and to awaken the sun within.
-Deep restoration to heal and balance the nervous system.
-Self-limpias with flowers, rosemary and sage

About Lilia

If you have taken Lilia’s workshops in the past you know about her skillful facilitation of profound mind, body, and spirit practice. This special offering invites participants to viscerally experience and learn about some of the philosophical and spiritual approaches which inform her wise and graceful teaching practice.

Registration limited, all bodies and levels of ability welcome.

to register: email deeprootsurbanrefuge (at) gmail.com