Deep Roots Urban Refuge offers support in reclaiming healthy practices and access to natural environments.

It provides healing, respite, and renewal for those in need, while providing traditional and alternative healers access to the space needed to support their work of cultivating love and healing for all.

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The original Deep Roots Urban Teahouse

Deep Roots started as a 500 square foot teahouse in the Fruitvale District in early 2000-something. Our mission was simple- to cultivate love and offer a place of respite and healing through the vehicle of serving tea and the practice of washing the hands of our guests.

Today we continue to be of service to the community through workshops and classes, while also holding space and supporting practioners who are ready to step into their place of light bearing and love cultivating for all.

deep roots urban teahouse back in the day


Our original home at Octagon Acupuncture


Once guests of Jorge Nunez’ awesome community acupuncture place on 35th Ave, Deep Roots Urban Refuge now has its own space and  is here to serve, with even more to offer. People who need a break from the urban struggle, long-term Oakland residents, la gente de la comunidad, people of color, people seeking a way to expand personal and community peace and health, queer people, people from low income or disenfranchised communities, people wanting to develop a personal practice, people wishing to live more fully from their heart-we offer this small place of refuge.

Take a yoga class (especially if you’ve never done yoga before!), experiment with a meditation class, and yes please have a cup of tea with us.

If you are practioner wanting to share your experience and wisdom with your community in a safe and loving space, please contact us. We are always looking for more people to be a part of this growing community of healers and community love cultivators.

With love and service, humility and grace, we share this refuge.

Deep Roots Urban Refuge

Do you have healing skills to share? We are looking for facilitators and volunteers.